Halls Cinema 7 Customer Care Review from Knoxville, Tennessee

Twice I went to the movie theatre and TWICE they forgot me the first time and then 5 years later when I went with my fiancé, they forgot we were there. DID NOT VIEW movie.

The first time, the inept crew (which have long since gone to another inept crew apparently) simply FORGOT I was there--only one for that particular movie and this was in the early afternoon.

Was overcharged the second time which we would NOT have known until we asked for a REFUND because they did not run the movie. When my fiancé informed them that the movie didn't start, they told US to let them know in 5 minutes if the movie didn't start, instead of someone coming to check. When he came back and said No, THEN THEY SAID THEY HAD A POWER INTERRUPTION...FAT CHANCE, AS ALL THE OTHER MOVIES WERE PLAYING.


Owner doesn't give a darn about the people being inept and the so-called manager didn't even know the owner's name and address. I doubt he could even write as he finally printed the information after I insisted I have a name and address--and that was written in pencil.


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Received a letter which was nasty. I refuse to go to a place where the staff save for the nice woman cashier was pleasant.

No professionals here otherwise.

Halls Cinema 7 Customer Care
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It was in my town
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Manager, Non caring owner or substitute manager, Incomptent staff and untrustworthy
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Poor customer service
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